Penny’s First Adventure

Katelyn’s Killer is set in Annapo­lis Mary­land, where the scent of Eng­lish box­woods and old mon­ey min­gle.

KK cover complete 4-6-17Ex-Navy Pub­lic Affairs Offi­cer Pen­ny Sum­mers’ first for­ay as a Mas­ter Gar­den­er brings her face to face with her dead St. John’s Col­lege “sis­ter.” After the funer­al, Katelyn’s boyfriend Aaron joins Pen­ny in her quest for answers. But when her day-job boss puts her in charge of a mon­ster fes­ti­val, Pen­ny is up to her tramp stamp in con­flict­ing alle­giances.

Annapo­lis detec­tive Jason Keller hopes to nail a cocaine-smug­gling sailor for the mur­der and warns the duo from the dan­gers of sleuthing.  (“I’m not inter­est­ed in work­ing anoth­er mur­der. Capiche?”) Pen­ny and Aaron’s sus­pects include a mil­lion­aire can­di­date for gov­er­nor, a col­lege tutor, and the victim’s moth­er.DSC_0088

Katelyn’s Killer is woven into the fab­ric of Annapo­lis Mary­land, and its two most famous schools, his­toric St. John’s Col­lege and the U. S. Naval Acad­e­my. If you enjoy a good who­dun­nit, you’ll love this social­ly-con­scious tra­di­tion­al mys­tery that explores PTSD, fam­i­ly secrets, and Munchausen’s Syn­drome by Proxy.

You may buy the book wher­ev­er books are sold or at Ama­zon.

McDowell Hall

Note the light­ed cupo­la atop McDow­ell Hall.
It’s in the book.

Jack­son Pol­lock couldn’t have improved on the macabre art: blood­stains among the undu­lat­ing green and gray and ochre swirls of her cam­ou­flage jack­et. I couldn’t imag­ine the vio­lence they rep­re­sent­ed. For the sec­ond time today, I added dead peo­ple to the list of things I’d pre­fer to not asso­ciate with.          –Pene­lope Sum­mers





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