Penny’s First Adventure

Katelyn’s Killer is set in Annapolis Maryland, where the scent of English boxwoods and old money mingle.

KK cover complete 4-6-17Ex-Navy Public Affairs Officer Penny Summers’ first foray as a Master Gardener brings her face to face with her dead St. John’s College “sister.” After the funeral, Katelyn’s boyfriend Aaron joins Penny in her quest for answers. But when her day-job boss puts her in charge of a monster festival, Penny is up to her tramp stamp in conflicting allegiances.

Annapolis detective Jason Keller hopes to nail a cocaine-smuggling sailor for the murder and warns the duo from the dangers of sleuthing.  (“I’m not interested in working another murder. Capiche?”) Penny and Aaron’s suspects include a millionaire candidate for governor, a college tutor, and the victim’s mother.DSC_0088

Katelyn’s Killer is woven into the fabric of Annapolis Maryland, and its two most famous schools, historic St. John’s College and the U. S. Naval Academy. If you enjoy a good whodunnit, you’ll love this socially-conscious traditional mystery that explores PTSD, family secrets, and Munchausen’s Syndrome by Proxy.

McDowell Hall

Note the lighted cupola atop McDowell Hall.
It’s in the book.

Jackson Pollock couldn’t have improved on the macabre art: bloodstains among the undulating green and gray and ochre swirls of her camouflage jacket. I couldn’t imagine the violence they represented. For the second time today, I added dead people to the list of things I’d prefer to not associate with.          –Penelope Summers





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