Penny’s Newest Case

DSC_0452In The Body in the Brantleigh Glen, Penelope Summers visits Flat Rock North Carolina with her landscape design professor to study the famous Brantleigh Manor gardens. Her professor’s estranged stepfather is found dead in the hundred-year-old garden. The professor, Madison Lerrimore, is unwilling to accept the Medical Examiner’s heart attack finding and begs Penny to help find who killed him. Penny is soon bumfuzzled by Madison’s seemingly accidental wounding at a Civil War battle reenactment.

Penny discovers that the stepfather was involved in a three-way scam involving the sale of a priceless Civil War battle flag and Madison will inherit his stash of cash unless the two other conspirators find it first.

Penny’s first priority was to return to Annapolis and complete her first major landscape design commission but now she needs to stay in North Carolina and follow sinuous paths to the truth–paths that were not designed by Frederick Law Olmsted, the renowned landscape architect of Brantleigh Manor.

Click HERE to read Chapter One.

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