Penny’s Newest Case

DSC_0452In Brantleigh Manor, Pene­lope Sum­mers vis­its Flat Rock North Car­oli­na with her land­scape design pro­fes­sor to study the famous Brantleigh Manor gar­dens. Her professor’s estranged step­fa­ther is found dead in the hun­dred-year-old gar­den. Penny’s pro­fes­sor, Madi­son Ler­ri­more, is unwill­ing to accept the Med­ical Examiner’s heart attack find­ing and begs Pen­ny to help find who killed him. Pen­ny is soon bum­fuz­zled by Madison’s seem­ing­ly acci­den­tal wound­ing at a Civ­il War bat­tle reen­act­ment.

Pen­ny dis­cov­ers that the step­fa­ther was involved in a three-way scam involv­ing the sale of a price­less Civ­il War bat­tle flag and Madi­son will inher­it his stash of cash unless the two oth­er con­spir­a­tors find it first.

Penny’s first pri­or­i­ty was to return to Annapo­lis and com­plete her first major land­scape design com­mis­sion but now she needs to stay in North Car­oli­na and fol­low sin­u­ous paths to the truth–paths that were not designed by Fred­er­ick Law Olm­st­ed, the renowned land­scape archi­tect of Brantleigh Manor.

Click HERE to read Chap­ter One.

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