The Red List

Red Dots = ReadI’m sure there’s a more sophis­ti­cated, librar­i­an-like, way to shelve books, but I’ve devel­oped a sys­tem that works for me. Not that you could vis­it and find every book prop­erly shelved, but the idea is this: shelve the books alpha­bet­i­cally by author, adding “new” acqui­si­tions (the “to be read” books) alpha­bet­i­cally. When I pull one out to read, if I haven’t just received one that deserves a pri­or­ity in the TBR stack, I read, make notes that sug­gest ways to improve my work, and then send it to the triage unit. If the book deserves keep­ing, it goes back on the shelf with a red dot stick­er on its spine. It’s been read! If it isn’t a keep­er, it goes in a bag to take to the library to be re-sold for fifty cents, or what­ever donat­ed books are sell­ing for this month. I try not to mix bor­rowed library books with my shelved keep­ers!

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