Penny Summers’ First Case


Penny Summers’ first gardening job brings her face to face with a dead friend, a student at St. John’s College in Annapolis. Facing her own demons, Penny determines to research an article as cover for sleuthing for her friend’s killer. When her day-job employer assigns her the planning of a blowout Fourth of July festival, she’s up to her tramp stamp in responsibilities.

Red and white “Tudor” roses like Penny and Aaron find in “Katelyn’s Killer””

With the help of the dead student’s boyfriend, Aaron, Penny learns more than she needs for the article but is unable to nail the killer. While the detective on the case follows a cocaine-smuggling sailor, Penny and Aaron defy the detective, Penny’s best friend, and her older brother to discover trampled roses, the victim’s abusive mother, and a college tutor with less than honorable intentions. Then there’s the millionaire with designs on the governor’s mansion who behaved very strangely when the student was found in his neighbor’s garden.

Click HERE to read the first chapter of KATELYN’S KILLER


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