Penny Summers’ First Case


Pen­ny Sum­mers’ first gar­den­ing job brings her face to face with a dead friend, a stu­dent at St. John’s Col­lege in Annapo­lis. Fac­ing her own demons, Pen­ny deter­mines to research an arti­cle as cov­er for sleuthing for her friend’s killer. When her day-job employ­er assigns her the plan­ning of a blowout Fourth of July fes­ti­val, she’s up to her tramp stamp in respon­si­bil­i­ties.

Red and white “Tudor” ros­es like Pen­ny and Aaron find in “Katelyn’s Killer””

With the help of the dead student’s boyfriend, Aaron, Pen­ny learns more than she needs for the arti­cle but is unable to nail the killer. While the detec­tive on the case fol­lows a cocaine-smug­gling sailor, Pen­ny and Aaron defy the detec­tive, Penny’s best friend, and her old­er broth­er to dis­cov­er tram­pled ros­es, the victim’s abu­sive moth­er, and a col­lege tutor with less than hon­or­able inten­tions. Then there’s the mil­lion­aire with designs on the governor’s man­sion who behaved very strange­ly when the stu­dent was found in his neighbor’s gar­den.

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